The Adidas Next Generation Tournament is back for the fourth and last qualifier, this time in Paris. Real Madrid, Barcelona and ratiopharm Ulm have guaranteed a place in Berlin already. Seven teams from three countries (plus the NGT select team) will compete for the last direct spot in the finals this weekend.

AS Monaco

First appearance for AS Monaco in the Adidas Next Generation Team with a young team. 2007-born Malone Gros will be the guy to follow as a highly skilled ball handler, able to shoot the ball and find teammates, while also providing important perimeter defense and ball pressure. Matteo Qittane will partner up with Gros in the backcourt as another shot creator that plays with some flair. Can get to his outside shot and find ways to the rim with an advanced handle. Ali Bathily will be the big man in an otherwise short team. Play finisher, with some interesting reads with the ball in his hands, rebounder and rim protector at 6’8. Guard Lorenzo Renou and forward Matyss Moudio Martel have arrived to Monaco this season and are the teams youngest guys, born in 2008.

Gran Canaria

Fynn Schott headlines a team full of foreign players. The 6’9 Austrian center is a strong presence inside that finishes plays and forces the defense to keep an eye on him on the boards. Can create some offense from the top, finding cutters and being a dribble handoff hub. Uses his physicality well on the defensive end. Ukrainian Luka Lokhmanchuk is also 6’9 but plays much more on the perimeter. Lengthy player that can get to the rim, he’s pretty skilled as an outside shooter and will take the shot that’s available, while also being able to find teammates off his drives. Lucas Maniema, from Switzerland, provides unpredictability and self creation, someone who can get to the rim and finish well despite his size. 6’10 Miteo Mervedi will be one to keep an eye on. Born in 2008, the Malian center will have some minutes to show out his inside presence and strength. Aleksander Panasiuk and Ilia Mikhailovskii, both from Russia, are also part of the roster while born in 2008.

Joventut Badalona

Winners of last season’s Patras qualifier, Joventut arrive in Paris without some of their main guys (Michael Ruzic at the top of the list), but bring a lot of talent still and will be part of the favorites. Karim Lopez is an intriguing prospect to watch. A versatile forward that can play with and without the ball, going inside or outside to score. Measuring 6’7, he’s also a difficult player to beat on the defensive end and plays well as a secondary rim protector.At 6’11, Ian Platteeuw will be one of the tallest guys in the tournament and with great promise. A good finisher, using his size and length to score above the rim and block shots on the other end, with interesting mobility. Daniel Balde is back at ANGT but in a new team. Shows versatility as a 4 that can play some minutes as a 5 despite being 6’6. Uses is strength well on both ends. Iker Garmendia is an experienced participant of the Adidas Next Generation Tournament. A low-risk player that can play with and without the ball, looking to score and be an active defensive presence. Elyjah Rebetez and Saba Merebashvili are the 2008 representatives that can gather some minutes.

Next Generation Team Paris

A lot of unpredictability with this young roster, headlined by 6’10 Tiefing Diawara. The big man showed out two years ago and should have a big role in this team. Athletically gifted player, can finish well at the basket and is developing his shot well. High IQ rim protector, knows how to use his tools to block and deter shots at the basket. The Brazilian Junior Kemm brings ball handling, quickness and flair with the ball to a team that will need his creation ability. 6’7 Marko Radunovic looks to put pressure on the rim at all times. A strong driver, he has his eyes set on the basket at all times and is a skilled player getting inside. Jahel Trefle is another big body, capable of finishing plays and rebound the ball, using his strength to keep players away from the basket on the defensive end. Leon Sifferlin played with the select team in Zadar last year, providing secondary creation and scoring both inside and outside. Should have a bigger role this season. Federico Cattapan and Emmanuel Ahamefule are the youngest on the team, as part of the 2008 generation.

Olympiacos Piraeus

Once again, for Greek teams, Theo Anastasoudis’ article is a go to piece for everyone looking for more. Stefanos Spartalis is a versatile front court presence that looks to finish plays at the basket and create off the post. Veniamin Abosi is a hard-nosed driver, looking to get to the basket at tall times and being a defensive pest on the perimeter or the post with his combination of size and a strong base. Anastasios Rozakeas offers outside shooting and some ability as a ball handler on pick and rolls at 6’6. Mostly an off-ball player, he has been getting more opportunities on the ball. Curro Segura can be an interesting scorer, both inside and outside, but may look to play more as a floor general, getting everyone in the best position to score.

Panathinaikos Athens

6’4 Christophoros Gkolantas will be a name to follow, especially as a perimeter defender. Can score on drives and initiating transition, but is much more of a ball pressure and off-ball disruptor on the defensive end. Christos Georgas brings an inate ability to get to the basket, both on drives and cuts, while showing promise as an outside shooter. Good defender who uses his length well. Dimitris Zervos was part of last year’s team that competed in Munich and then in the finals in Kaunas. Offers guard play as a facilitator, but also someone who looks to push for some easy points. Alongside him was Andreas Koustenis who is more of an off-ball scorer, both inside and out. Pavlos Vasileiadis and Theodoros Papanikolaou compose the roster as 2008-born players.

Paris Basketball

Another debutant, Paris Basketball are the hosts of the tournament. Ilian Moungalla is an electric shot creator, capable of getting inside for some athletic finishes or drive to find a teammate. Contagious energy also on defense, making him a fun player to watch. He’ll have Hugo Nguyen alongside him in the backcourt. Equally as fun to watch, Nguyen is a lightning quick guard and will try to use that speed to get some easy scores for his team. Intrigued by Mohamed Cissoko, a 6’11 forward with great size and length that likes to get inside to finish plays and someone who can be a problematic opponent on the defensive end. Also at 6’11, Sohann Mendy will be an imposing presence at center on both sides of the floor. Swann Penda is the lone 2008-born player. A do-it-all 6’6 forward on both sides with some shooting potential.


A highly-talented group, INSEP may suffer from the inexperience of their players, but it’s no secret they’ll have one of, if not the most talented group in the tournament. Mohamed Diakite will be the main man in the absence of Nolan Traore. Athletic player, difficult to stop on his way to the rim and a versatile defender, he’ll have to take his game to the next level as an offensive weapon in order to guide his team to a high spot. Talis Soulhac is a combo guard that will have a lot of the ball to create and find ways to the basket. Good playmaker as well. Nathan Soliman is one of the best prospects from the 2009 generation. Capable with and without the ball, can score going to the basket but also step out to the perimeter. Has great size and length, especially at his age, with functional mobility that make him such an interesting player to follow. From the 2008 generation, Hugo Yimga Moukouri was a great scorer at the U16 European Championship last summer and will look to provide that same capability, getting inside with his on-ball creation and shooting off the catch where he can be dangerous. Measuring 6’8, has great physical tools. Also 6’8, Jonas Boulefaa is more of a playmaker but also has the ability to score, especially by getting inside, with great touch at the rim. Matthys Mahop, Cameron Houindou and Junior Elouma, all from 2008, complete the young roster for INSEP.