Eurohoops is proud to present Eurohoops Scouting. Eurohoops is expanding beyond its media portal, providing NCAA coaches with valuable scouting insight on European college recruits. Eurohoops is the biggest basketball-dedicated European media, the official global media partner of EuroLeague, the main media partner of the EuroLeague Head Coaches Board and also a collaborator of FIBA and VTB United League.

Eurohoops Scouting is an NCAA approved scouting service that does things a bit differently compared to the other scouting services that help college coaches to recruit in Europe, saving time and resources due to the taxonomy of our database.

Every player on Eurohoops Scouting is interested, available and eligible for college. Whether someone has high interest, medium or low can be found by entering the player’s profile but, as a general rule, we cross guys with no interest off of our lists. We want to help college coaches to find players in the most efficient way without having to go over lists with several players with no intel whether college is an actual option for them. That includes information about their plans and also their contractual situation with their clubs.

On top of that, we rank players by graduating class and not by generation. Figuring out when a player graduates from high school requires extra effort from our side, since almost every European country has a different educational system, however we strongly believe that as a recruiting/scouting service there’s no point for us to follow the “top players per generation” route where most of these players don’t even have college as an option.

Υou can get access to the full service either by choosing the Basic or the Premium packages. The Basic package includes detailed ratings, evaluations, and contact information of international recruits once per month that will be e-mailed directly to you and your staff, plus access to our top five recruits per class and consulting. The Premium package includes all the services of the Basic package plus detailed issues before and after every major youth event and access to our all evaluations in real time through our online Database. Our evaluations, along with every additional info we provide on each prospect, will be available online searchable and sortable by various filters.

This is a tailor-made service for the NCAA focusing on helping both the European players who want to follow the college route and also the coaches who want to focus on talent that’s eligible and wishful to play college basketball in the US.

If you have any questions, feel free to send us an email at Our packages can be found here.