The Adidas Next Generation Tournament is back in Munich. From January 20th to the 22nd, eight teams will battle for a place in the Finals. At the Audi Dome, teams from five different countries, plus the Next Generation Team, constituted by players from the nearby regions. 3 days full of exciting games, where scouts, coaches and fans will have the chance to watch the best prospects in European basketball. A tournament to follow through Eurohoops (both the website and social media).

ALBA Berlin

The team from the German’s city capital of Berlin arrives in Munich as one of the three participants of the host country. Listed at 6’11, Linus Ruf will be one of the main attractions of this team, with a good enough outside shot to come outside and the ability to finish inside, both off the pass and a little off the dribble. Dorian Grosber is a 6’5 wing from Luxembourg who can handle the ball, getting to the rim to finish. He is also capable of finding teammates, both on the run and off a stationary position. Jack Kayil is an interesting outside shooter, who can also put the ball on the floor to get to the basket and rebound. Nevio Bennefeld is a prospect from 2007, listed at 6’9. A very good driver, he uses his ability to avoid defenders or shoot over them to get points, coming from the perimeter. He’s also a good enough shooter and that allows him to get to the rim. Good defender, especially off the ball and a great rebounder, that should see some minutes at ANGT.

EA7 Emporio Armani Milan

Milan is the lone Italian representative, but with serious aspirations at getting far in the tournament. Samuele Miccoli is an exciting 3-level scorer that spearheads this team. His ability to handle the ball but also make plays off the ball will be crucial for Milan’s success. Denis Badalau, from Romania, has the size (6’7) to create problems on the defensive end, while also being a capable scorer both on drives and on outside shots. Achille Lonati will arrive in Munich as a near 16-year old and his energy and ability to get to the rim or stop from the mid range will be on full display.

ratiopharm Ulm

Ulm is a common presence at ANGT already, with one of the best academies in Europe, having provided top prospects for the NBA, NCAA and the best European leagues over the years. Pacome Dadiet’s in-and-out scoring will be key for Ulm, as the French youngster looks to build on last season’s performance in Patras and Belgrade. A guard with a quick release on his shot and tantalizing dribble to moves to be able to get inside. Joel Cwik, already with good minutes for Ulm’s second team (OrangeAcademy) will provide the outside shooting to a team that plays quickly. At 6’10, Eric Reibe will own the paint. A strong and efficient inside scorer, who sets good screens and goes after rebounds. To finish, Jervis Scheffs (2007) will probably see limited minutes, but he will look to take advantage of each of them to put the ball in the basket. He’s a complete and proficient scorer, having torched Germany’s u15 scene last season.

Real Madrid

The big favorites once again, with a deep squad ready to dominate. Real Madrid will be looking to add to their 3 titles in previous editions and that path starts in Munich. At 6’7, Egor Demin is a tall guard and the true organizer of Real’s offense. He can set the table and shoot the 3. Jan Vide is almost a ANGT veteran at this point, going for his 3rd year and 4th appearance in the tournament. A pure scorer, able to score from anywhere. With some appearances already for Real Madrid’s senior team, Hugo Gonzalez will be one of the main players to watch. His physical tools and skill to create his shot and finish in a multitude of ways find no match in the tournament. Mitar Bosnjakovic is the hand that blends all the pieces together for this Madrid team. He can do basically everything on the court well, with the outside shooting and defense being his calling cards. Last but not least, the inside presence of Ismaila Diagne, a 7-footer also going for his 4th appearance at ANGT. A good and efficient inside scorer, with great rebounding instincts and advanced reads as a passer for his age.

FC Bayern Munich

The hosts will be looking to make a splash in this tournament. Bayern will come into ANGT with a blend of their own players and some players from IBAM. One of those guys is the Slovenian Maj Dolinsek. An off-ball threat, can shoot despite his unusual shooting mechanics and also make timely moves to grab offensive rebounds. Dolinsek is also a great passing lane defender. Ivan Kharchenkov has great size and a nice frame for a wing and is someone who looks to attack the rim, be it off the dribble or with timely cuts. He’s also a very good rebounder and someone who puts constant pressure on the ball handler. Desmond Yiamu will be an undersized but active presence inside. His flashes of dribble creation can be a matchup problem, as well as his patience inside on finishes and nose for rebounds.

Next Generation Team

The absurd aggregate of talent of this team can only be stopped by their lack of playing time together. However, there will be a lot of guys for scouts to take a look at. Wei Zhao is one of the best scorers of his generation and is already putting up big numbers in Italy’s Serie B. His burst combined with his quick dribble allow him to get to the rim and finish. He is also a good spot up and movement shooter, with good efficiency on high volume. As a primary ball handler, he’s also capable of feeding rollers and outside shooters. Illan Pietrus is another player who likes to have the ball in his hands. A speedy guard/wing that can create with the ball in his hands and get to the rim or pull up from 3. Esli Edigin is a developed outside threat, able to shoot or put the ball on the floor and attack from there. His frame is impressive and he uses that to his advantage at the rim. A flashy and creative ball handler at 6’9, Frederick Drejer Erichsen will be one of the most intriguing prospects in Munich. Great passer, likes to create with the ball and find the open teammate in any situation and add his points by getting to the basket off the perimeter. And we can’t forget Mohamed Diawara, who has already been featured with Paris Basketball’s first team. A forward measuring 6’8 at the moment, he moves really well and can score both inside and outside, while being a plus in the passing department and a great on and off-ball defender. A versatile, complete player with a lot to offer on both sides of the court.

Panathinaikos Athens

The team from the capital of Greece will look to create an immediate impact with their size and fast paced offense. Neoklis Avdalas is a pure scorer, using quick changes of pace and direction to get past his defenders on his way to the basket. He’s also a capable shooter on spot ups, with first-team experience already. Andreas Koustenis offers great outside shooting, with good size and a solid frame to get inside at times as well. He’s also able to use his physical strength to his advantage on the defensive end. At 6’11, Alexandros Samontourov is one of the tallest players of the tournament, but a really mobile one. He has incredible body control when driving to the rim, with a plethora of options to finish and can also step outside to shoot. A great rebounder with the ability to deter shots at the basket.

Zalgiris Kaunas

Zalgiris is also a team that we’re used to seeing develop players at this level. One of them is Mantas Laurencikas, a playmaking guard that can get his teammates involved and will look to get them going, but will also look for his shot when needed, both outside and inside. Vytautas Zygas is an off-ball wing that looks to attack immediately off the catch and make something happen. He can knock down outside shots at a great rate, while also being able to slash or get the ball on the post and attack from there. A complete offensive player. Finishing off with two 2007 guys, we have Dovydas Buika and Avtandil Bakhtadze. Buika is a high activity player on both sides, looking to get to the rim and playing passing lanes to get out in transition. Bakhtadze is more of an inside presence, using his 6’9 height to score off post ups or as the roller. He can also rebound with ease and is an intriguing rim protector due to his wingspan.